Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Video Media Streaming

This weeks blog post is concerned with the news which was published July 04,2014 by Reuters/Dave Ruvic concerning YouTube’s decision to postpone their plan to take off videos from their site. All independent record labels that use this service should be concerned with this update. YouTube’s decision in this case could have negative effects on many indie label's consumer reach. A few days before YouTube was to start deleting videos of Indie Labels an event occurred which forced YouTube to back track on, it’s original decision to delete the media. “Complaints were filed with the European Commission urging it to investigate if Google-owned YouTube was abusing its position in the media streaming industry”. It has been reported that YouTube is preparing to launch a streaming service known as YouTube Music Pass, which is similar to other top level streaming services in the market today. According to Google the new service is intended to help musicians. Currently YouTube is reviewing its decision and allowing companies more time to reach a workable deal. YouTube is in a position where it could break the independent indie labels who need video exposure to earn a consumer following. YouTube must act responsibly and include all labels in its new platform without regards to size. Google and YouTube are a powerful force in the entertainment marketing industry. Their efforts to bring streaming media content to the world has been a global success. Being an active independent label my company depends on YouTube for video content exposure. I am certain that YouTube will reconsider its hard-core pressure and allow indie labels to continue to have the freedom of access in this media format. A deal can be reached if the negotiations are balanced and the needs of all parties and considered. It is possible to have a win win out come in this case. ED MAC AUDIO

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